Quick start guide

Nutrimenta Veterinaria allows you to easily create home made nutritional plans based on the pet’s needs.

Here below you may find some suggestions to quickly start using Nutrimenta Veterinaria.

First access and instructions:

  1. Sign in at Nutrimenta Veterinaria website, inserting a username, a password and a valid email address; the email address which will be provided, will be used to activate the account and to send information related to the service, therefore, it is important to verify that the given email address is correct;
  2. Once registration is completed, you will receive an email with the instructions to follow for the account’s activation. Check the receipt of this message in the inbox of the provided email address, spam folder included;
  3. Follow the instructions of the received email and click on the link contained within it (otherwise copy it on the web browser navigation bar);
  4. Add the requested information about your profession and your facility (this step is required only at the first access to the application);
  5. Once you save the information, yuo'll be redirected back to the home page;
  6. Press on the button in the "Add owner panel" to add a new owner or search an existing owner or animal in your database through the "Search" panel;
  7. Press on the button to link an animal to its owner;
  8. Open the pet’s record ;
  9. Add an anamnesis ;
  10. Formulate a nutritional plan ;
  11. Save and print the nutritional plan.

How to define a nutritional plan:

It is possible to balance the ration both manually and automatically. The feature "Balance diet" allows to automatize the ration balancing, starting from the selected ingredients, according to the nutrition needs chosen for the pet ("Min. Requirements" - Minimum Requirements). On the basis of the chosen ingredients, the application determines the quantity of each component to obtain a complete and balanced ration.

To define a nutritional plan follow these steps:

  1. Select the ingredients from the drop down menu . It is also possible to search for an ingredient starting from a nutrient. Open the drop down menu and select the nutrient of your interest. A list of ingredients with the higher concentration of the selected nutrient is shown in descending order;
  2. Press the button to calculate automatically the quantity of the chosen ingredients;
  3. The doses for each ingredient will be shown on the column "Quantity". The values of the calory intake ("M.E."), macronutrients and micronutrients are indicated in the "Total" line. As shown in the example given above, the total value cells' background can be of three colours:
    • green: if the overall value of the column is in compliance with the nutrition requirement ("Min. Requirements");
    • yellow: if the overall value of the column slightly differs from the nutrition requirement;
    • red: if the overall value of the column is not adequate and the quantity of the ingredients needs to be adjusted.

The nutritional plan can be also balanced manually by entering the needed quantity for each ingredients in the proper field of the "Quantity" column.
In case of use of the "Balance Diet" function, the application gives the possibility to edit manually the calculated quantities. In addition you can also set the quantity of one or more ingredients, as unmodifiable (  ), to maintain these values unaltered during the automatic balancing.