Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Nutrimenta Veterinaria?
Nutrimenta Veterinaria is a web application specialized in pet nutrition. We are able to formulate simple and quick balanced nutritional diets according to the needs of each single animal. The application allows us to fill in informative data sheets on the single owner and his/her pet. It offers support during the anamnesis phase and determines the specific energetic need of the pet, based on its metabolic rate and behaviour. Nutrimenta Veterinaria gives you the possibility to create and print personalized nutritional diets.

Who is Nutrimenta Veterinaria for?
Nutrimenta Veterinaria is tailored for Vet’s needs.

Is it possible to try Nutrimenta Veterinaria before subscribing?
Try Nutrimenta Veterinaria free for 30 days .The trial period allows unlimited access to the web application. To use Nutrimenta Veterinaria:
  • Click on the “Try me” button and fill in the form with the required information;
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the given address. Please click on the confirmation link to validate your registration;
  • The trial period will automatically start after having filled in the form with your personal and Vet practice information, guaranteeing access to all tools for the following 30 days.

What are the minimum technical requirements to access the service?
Nutrimenta Veterinaria is now available in “Cloud” and can be used on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It is possible to connect with any device with an internet connection, using the following browsers:
  • Mozilla Firefox v14+;
  • Google Chrome v27+;
  • Safari v7+;
  • Internet Explorer v9+;
  • Microsoft Edge v12+.

Is data generated during the trial period stored following confirmation of membership?
Yes, all data generated by Nutrimenta Veterinaria during the trial period, will be available following subscription;

How long is the subscription valid?
The subscription has a duration of 365 days (1 year) starting from the receipt of payment. Purchase of the licence includes customer and technical support (email & phone) and access to all updates.

I have started using Nutrimenta Veterinaria in cloud from device “A”, can I use it on device “B”?
Yes. It is possible to access all Nutrimenta Veterinaria functions using the devices that fully satisfy the requirements specified in this FAQ section. This is applicable both during the trial period and the annual subscription.

Which are the payment methods to subscribe?
It is possible to subscribe through bank transfer. Please contact our sales department for further information (

Is a Customer Service available?
Membership includes technical Customer Service via email & phone and guarantees access to all service updates during the subscription period.

Where can I find the support documentation?
Please click on the link below for full information on the support documentation

What is the return policy?
Nutrimenta Veterinaria offers the possibility to evaluate for free all the different features available on the web application for 30 days with no limitation. During this period, the user can choose to suspend the service at any time without any obligation.